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With a talented team of passionate, detail-oriented and dedicated individuals, Chef Meze strives to exceed expectations for each and every client. The team is renowned for their impeccable service, personalized attention, and tailored approaches, each lending themselves toward impactful events and consistent excellence.

Culinary Team

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Yılmaz Guney

Executive Chef Yılmaz Güney began his life in Diyarbakır, Turkey and shortly thereafter his
parents decided to move their blossoming family of 8 children to the country’s largest city of

With its international flair and cultural diversity, Chef Güney believes that growing up in
Istanbul had a tremendous and very positive influence in helping him develop a sophisticated
mindset and palate and a genuine appreciation for the finer things in life. This was especially
the case with his passion for all things culinary related.

Chef Güney’s passion for food truly began at the ripe young age of only 9 when he started
working in a food kiosk in his local neighborhood. Chef Güney loved spending time working in
the kiosk as each day presented new and exciting learning opportunities. He’s also certain that
the tremendous knowledge and other cultural influences he had experienced at such a young
age helped feed his passion to ultimately become an award-winning Executive Chef.

Upon graduating from primary school, Chef Güney enrolled into a vocational high school which offered a well-known and respected food and beverage services study program. He then attended Istanbul University studying Occupational Health & Safety which is very important in the food service business. While continuing his studies at Istanbul University on a part time basis, Chef Güney simultaneously began to pursue his culinary passion professionally by working at several esteemed restaurants and high-end hotels both in his home city of Istanbul and in the resort area of Bodrum. During this period, Chef Güney entered and won the highest awards when he participated in many national and international culinary competitions.

Before moving to the United States, Chef Güney spent 2 years honing his skills at the various
culinary/restaurant operations featured at the 5 Star Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bodrum.

When he was offered the opportunity to help enhance the food & beverage operations at the
Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami, Chef Güney quickly packed his bags.

After spending 6 months fine tuning the culinary operations at the Miami Mandarin Oriental,
Chef Güney felt the desire again to work for an independent restaurant. So, when he heard
that a new Turkish restaurant was looking for some help he jumped at the opportunity and
where he could help create the authentic Turkish dishes he grew up with. And only after 4
months working at this new Turkish restaurant known as El Turco, not only was the restaurant
receiving rave reviews from its customers, but it was awarded a coveted Michelin Bib
Gourmand award.

In the late spring of 2022, the El Turco owners decided to open a new location in East Hampton, NY and Chef Güney was empowered with setting up the kitchen operations at this new Hamptons location. And despite an unprecedented opening of a completely new restaurant from scratch in only 30 days, the Hamptons El Turco quickly became a favorite spot of both locals and tourists alike.

As both Executive Chef and a partner of Chef Meze Catering & Events, Chef Güney is very
excited to now be able to showcase his diverse and extraordinary culinary skills remotely at all
types of special occasions and important events beginning this year and for years to come.

Sales Team

Bertan, a versatile business professional with a diverse background in agricultural engineering, finance, and UX/UI design. After completing his master's degree in finance, he began his business career in the finance department of a prominent European holding company before moving to Miami in 2013.  Soon after his arrival, Bertan had the opportunity to pursue his true passion and long-held dream of a career in the restaurant and other food-oriented hospitality businesses when he became a co-owner and operating partner of two distinct Mediterranean-themed restaurants that were both based in Miami.  

In addition to his food and hospitality industry expertise, as a certified UX/UI designer, Bertan had the opportunity to share his skills by assisting in the development of several successful UX/UI startups.  His diverse skillset and expertise in other fields has allowed Bertan to become a uniquely qualified professional and he remains dedicated to his truest passion today as one of the founding partners of Chef Meze and in his role of Director of Operations for the company.

Bertan Erguc

Director of Operations

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